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eCommerce software development services

EPAM Startups & SMBs is a software engineering services platform for startups and SMBs that relies on EPAM’s quality talent to provide eCommerce software solutions development. You’ll get proven eCommerce developers who’ve worked on projects for Fortune 500 companies to build value-driven solutions that hit your business goals.

how our eCommerce development services help startups and SMBs

Choosing to work with EPAM Startups & SMBs, startups and SMBs get eCommerce engineers with years of experience delivering similar projects successfully.

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    driving sales with marketing automation
    EPAM Startups & SMBs talents help create personalized shopping experiences through user-centric design, customer loyalty program automation, and omnichannel analytics that improves customer engagement and results in income growth.
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    cross-department visibility and retail business process automation
    Startups and SMBs can get our experts in digital transformation strategies on board to prioritize software development for business process automation. Our engineers build inventory management software, advanced analytics solutions, and custom solutions for in-store and online shopping that form a unified ecosystem. It brings cross-department visibility and more efficient workflows.
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    building competitive advantage with advanced technologies
    We build AI-powered applications to efficiently deliver personalized content recommendations that boost success in up-selling and cross-selling marketing funnels. AR/VR technologies and IoT solutions also help companies to win a competitive edge in overcrowded markets. However, not every custom eCommerce software development company can offer AI, AR, and VR expertise. We can provide you with developers that have all these technological skills.
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    enhancing performance indicators and design modernization
    It always makes sense to put effort into making the most of your old eCommerce platform. Experts in eCommerce testing and audit services from EPAM Startups & SMBs offer solutions for performance improvement on both the technological and user behavior sides. The thoughtful redesign attracts a new audience and increases customer engagement.
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our eCommerce software development services for startups and SMBs

EPAM Startups & SMBs helps to staff, grow and extend clients’ technical teams quickly with the specialists of EPAM, a leading IT software engineering provider.

custom eCommerce software solutions development

Our scope of software development for eCommerce covers building new unique online stores from scratch and enriching the functionality of existing eCommerce platforms.

  • eCommerce applications software development
  • Platform-based eCommerce development
  • UI/UX design and feature responsiveness maximization
  • eCommerce mobile apps and loyalty programs
  • eCommerce business analytics solutions
  • eCommerce automation solutions
  • eCommerce marketplace development
retail software development

Vetted experts of EPAM Startups & SMBs help SMBs and niche-focused startups bring visibility across supply chain operations, meet business needs, and effectively manage online customer relationships.

  • Supply chain management solutions
  • Inventory management software
  • Demand prediction analytics
  • Order management software
  • In-store software solutions
eCommerce store customization & integrations

Our experts with proven portfolios apply EPAM best practices for delivering more personalized user experiences by adding new features and increasing management opportunities with third-party integrations.

  • eCommerce website redesign
  • eCommerce performance optimization
  • Custom modules and plugins development
  • Payment systems integrations
  • CRM integrations
  • ERP integration
  • Other third-party software integrations
eCommerce migration

It frequently happens that eCommerce legacy migration to the other platform is the shortest way to modernization and performance improvement. EPAM Startups & SMBs dedicated experts help prepare a migration strategy and guarantee that no data will be lost.

  • eCommerce migration strategy
  • eCommerce database migration
  • eCommerce replatforming
  • Third-party extensions and integrations migrations
  • Platform selection advisory
eCommerce consulting and support services

Our developers with experience in this niche combine their eCommerce expertise with a constant observation of market trends to advise our customers on creating cost-effective solutions.

  • eCommerce app and website audit
  • eCommerce project management
  • eCommerce platform consulting
  • Specifications for custom eCommerce website development
  • eCommerce security consulting
eCommerce testing services

EPAM Startups & SMBs forms dedicated testing teams for performing end-to-end eCommerce testing services for projects of any scale.

  • QA testing services
  • QA testing automation solutions development
  • Performance, scalability, and reliability testing
  • Functionality and integration testing
  • Analytics, data, and backend testing

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marketplace development
We build digital marketplace platforms, fusing industry best practices and an individual approach to your project.
eCommerce web development
We level up your eCommerce web solutions with consulting, design and development services.
eCommerce mobile app development
We upscale and create new eCommerce mobile apps, from ideation to UI/UX design, prototyping, and development.

our accomplishments in eCommerce software solutions development

A wide range of EPAM eCommerce projects are the foundation of our specialized expertise. Choosing to work with EPAM Startups & SMBs, startups and SMBs get eCommerce engineers with years of experience delivering similar projects successfully.

launching updated Magento store for leading sports equipment and apparel manufacturer HEAD in 2 months

Challenges we completed successfully:

  • completed customer onboarding to allow for a smooth transition
  • assessed the architecture and infrastructure to identify key gaps
  • created a roadmap to perform the upgrade and fix existing issues in time for the go-live date
  • enabled continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) and configured the testing environment
  • development of the Magento upgrade across all 35 countries
utilizing Sitecore Commerce stack to deliver more personalized experiences and better performance for Telecom company store

Technical achievements and results:

  • decreased average site load time, in some cases by up to 80%
  • increased scalability and higher session volumes
  • ZenDesk integration Utilization of Sitecore’s engagement tactics
  • Utilization of Sitecore’s engagement tactics
  • improved conversion rates by 35%
  • increased user satisfaction and customer experience
  • improved average value per visit with the introduction of Engagement Value Scoring
integrating Commerce & Content to Improve CX and Increase Revenue for GE Healthcare Life Sciences

The development of a solution that combined Commerce and content to improve customer experience and increase engagement and online transactions.

  • improved customer experience and greater flexibility through headless CMS
  • API-based design between internal and external systems
  • content and product personalization
  • enhanced product management using SAP
  • third-party integrations including Salesforce & Digizuite
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our types of eCommerce software solutions development

EPAM Startups & SMBs helps to scale your project capacity with senior software engineers, architects, delivery managers, and experts with any technology stack and experience you request. Working us, startups and SMBs are able to hire experienced developers with enterprise-level projects in their portfolios.

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    AI-powered functionality
    Leverage AI possibilities for creating super-accurate content recommendation systems, useful shopping assistants with image and voice recognition, and smart marketing campaigns.
  • Triangle_with_circles.svg
    AR/VR and IoT solutions
    Let your prospects virtually experience all the benefits of your product, drive their engagement in the virtual showrooms and landscapes, and observe how your sales grow together with customer loyalty.
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    B2B and B2C eCommerce solutions
    Request the functionality developed appropriately to your business model, from shopping cart development or invoicing system integration to tax management software and advanced order management features.
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    eCommerce website development
    Create eCommerce websites with web design and features that exceed the expectations of modern customers, and add CRM and payment gateway integrations for a better shopping experience.
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    eCommerce mobile app development
    Mobile commerce development is a must on your journey to delivering customers’ omnichannel digital experiences. Get one more tool for effective marketing and loyalty programs.
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    headless commerce
    Quickly introduce updates and flexible design changes without disturbing backend work. Easily integrate and communicate with other platforms to ensure smooth customer service workflows.
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    data and analytics
    Use informative administrative dashboards to leverage customer personal data and data on user behavior to satisfy their demand in a personalized approach, predict sales volume and product demand.
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    eCommerce redesign and modernization
    Manage buyer journeys and engage new target audience segments by redesigning your online store. Let fresh design accents guide your prospect where you want them to convert into loyal customers.
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what you get with eCommerce development by EPAM Startups & SMBs

expert developers with a choice of seniority

EPAM Startups & SMBs helps to extend the client's team with middle to lead and higher level software development experts and find go-to talents who get the client's needs relying on EPAM’s pool of 50,000+ of the world's top engineers.

enterprise-level project delivery for startups and SMBs

All of the developers you hire through the EPAM Startups & SMBs platform gained experience on EPAM enterprise projects. They hold a high-standard delivery culture leveraging best practices including agile methodology and confirmed with ISO 9001, ISAE 3402, and ISO 27001 certificates.

security warranty with remote teams

Our remote collaboration setup guarantees your project data safety and confidentiality. Our specialists also utilize best practices for remote team management, measuring the effectiveness with regular status reports and complete project progress transparency.

end-to-end expertise with eCommerce projects

The experts we work with built eCommerce stores from scratch, performed migration on various platforms, provided custom features and integrations at the scaling stage and conducted hundreds of eCommerce audits. Vetted EPAM professionals built eCommerce solutions for enterprise companies well-recognized in their industries, and are now ready to contribute to your business growth.

explore our eCommerce development cooperation options

EPAM Startups & SMBs offers flexible collaboration and engagement plans to startups and SMBs. As an eCommerce development solutions provider, we customize solutions to your project needs and challenges.

Reach out, and we will match you with a solution that works for you.
Our team will prepare a pre-selected candidate list for you to interview and choose from.
Onboard your team and start accelerating your team’s productivity.

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you are in good company

We at EPAM are happy to deliver excellent results and prove our expertise time and again with clients that range from small and medium to enterprise-size businesses.


We found working with EPAM has been a true partnership, where they’ve proven themselves to be a reliable, trustworthy and hardworking team that has really helped us push the boundary of customer-centric innovation.

Zac Carman Managing Director Products, Consumer Affairs

The trusted EPAM team has helped us push the boundaries of customer-centric innovation. With programs like Horizon 4, we need the ability of our development partners to stay on track. And EPAM stands for that.

Mark Giesbers Managing Director Products, Liberty Global

We chose EPAM to develop a native mobile extension of an existing enterprise application. They were able to quickly identify the needs of our project and collaborate with key individuals within our organization to not only deliver the application on-time, but make significant improvements to our existing core application.

Justin Catalana CEO, Fort Point Beer Company

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