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an SAP Commerce Cloud connector for Riskified

Riskified is an eCommerce fraud prevention and risk management platform that reviews online transactions for fraudulent activity. Their services help to remove risk from the online shopping experience, powered by a global merchant network and machine learning that adapts to evolving fraud patterns. With EPAM Startups & SMBs, Riskified built and developed an SAP Commerce Cloud connector to give users easier access to advanced fraud prevention solutions.

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850+ employees

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since 2013

in business

Tel Aviv, Israel

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team of 5, multiple competencies

our engagement

1.5 years

project duration


Max Admoni

Director of eCommerce Platform Partnerships, Riskified

“Most vendors took this opportunity as a sales opportunity, but EPAM took it from a technology angle. They partnered with us to understand what we were trying to accomplish from a technology standpoint, not just a business commercial perspective.”

project context

Founded as an eCommerce fraud prevention platform, Riskified has now moved into the broader risk management space to protect merchants from various types of online fraud and policy abuse. Their core business is to review online transactions for fraud, and building an SAP connector is part of their strategy to gain more authority and support more platforms to tap into the ecosystem of SAP merchants.

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matching customer demand

Already having integrations with Adobe, Salesforce, VTEX, and Shopify, there was a need to also support the SAP merchant ecosystem. Building a dependable platform and integrating in-demand solutions helps a business like Riskified speed up the go-to-market process and merchant onboarding, as well as minimize the time that’s spent on building an entire custom solution from scratch.

finding experts in SAP integration

With a list of potential vendors, the Riskified team identified EPAM Startups & SMBs as a partner with critical technical competencies from many perspectives of the system. EPAM, an SAP-certified platinum partner system integrator, hosts 440+ certified SAP professionals, giving partnering companies a range of developers to choose from.

delivery speed

With the scope of the undertaking going beyond their in-house development capacity and expertise, Riskified decided to delegate the project to a team with the SAP expertise to advise on integration options and build the connector.

skills beyond development

The Riskified team was looking for professionals in the field who would also take ownership of the partnership, handle ad-hoc challenges, show true teamwork, have a sense of responsibility for the product created.

our solutions to the client’s needs

competency in a multitude of engineering disciplines

To build such a complex solution as an SAP connector, EPAM Startups & SMBs ramped up a multi-competent team of a delivery manager, a technical SAP lead, 2 developers, and a senior QA specialist. The team of 5 experts demonstrated experience in building connectors in the payment industry and knew the right tools to create a reliable architecture for Riskified’s sizable current and potential customer base.

tapping into the SAP merchant ecosystem

In partnering with Riskified to solve their technological challenge of building an SAP connector, it was important for EPAM Startups & SMBs to involve experts with the right expertise and prior experience with similar partner requests. In the span of the project, this allowed the team to minimize the time spent on building the integration and successfully open the SAP merchant ecosystem to the client. The key component was involving specialists who understood the payment industry, had worked with the system, and could help design the connector architecture to fit all the major use cases.

budget-conscious and time-effective solutions

Every project initiation stage includes a budget discussion and an estimation of the effort and timeline of the project. Our team made sure that everything was delivered within the set budget and deadlines. Starting work in early June of 2022, the connector was built in 10 weeks, with the subsequent support phase running until September 2023.


Our team creates a reliable ecosystem for partners to know they can trust and count on us for all kinds of business challenges. We are dedicated to showing ownership, from the initial meeting to launching the solution and beyond. Our team takes on such partnerships with responsibility, showing full-time commitment to advance the customer’s go-to-market strategy and deliver value to the client and their end users.


Mustafa Al-Salihi

Integration Development Lead, Riskified

“EPAM Startups & SMBs really showed ownership and diligence; when something came up, they solved it. We would throw problems at them, and they solved them. That is what made the difference for us, and we're very happy about the ownership aspect of the relationship.”

cooperation highlights

  • skill-flat.svg
    multi-phase project
    After the first 10-week phase of the SAP connector development was over, we launched the one-year support phase to maintain the solution and ensure its ongoing faultless performance.
  • certification-flat.svg
    a dedicated project manager
    EPAM Startups & SMBs engaged an SAP tech lead from our in-house pool of SAP experts, who also took on the responsibility of project management and demonstrated our portfolio and experience working with companies in the payment and retail industries, including PayPal.
  • clients.svg
    end-to-end project delivery
    Our end-to-end engagement solution allows businesses like Riskified to entrust the entire project development process to a team of professional engineers, QA testers, and other specialists as necessary. From initial consulting to planning, execution, and going live, our team does it all, and we continue to support Riskified’s efforts in staying at the forefront of fraud prevention.
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    flexibility at every step of the process
    From selecting tools and technologies to team assembling and change management, our dedicated delivery managers are there to assist and guide you every step of the way. With Riskified, we had preliminary discussions on development tool specifics, during which initial request requirements were descoped in favor of a more functional suggestion from our experts without any additional costs or deadline extensions.

Mustafa Al-Salihi

Integration Development Lead, Riskified

“Having a trusted partner is the key. And EPAM Startups & SMBs delivers great customer experience.”

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