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remote IT support services we offer

Here at EPAM Startups & SMBs, we offer all-around remote support services, including L1 (first-line end-users support), L2 (technical support), and L3 (dedicated expert-level support).

Our services fit startups and SMBs that lack the resources to manage their digital workplaces in-house. We also provide expert help to businesses dealing with IT service management bottlenecks or that are willing to outsource their end-user support.

remote IT support services by EPAM Startups & SMBs

IT infrastructure support

digital workplace and device support

Our remote tech support team will resolve technical problems with desktop and mobile devices and workstations, ensuring your staff gets the help they need with their digital workplaces.

network security & VPN support

We offer vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, and DDoS/DoS attack emulation to ensure your network’s safety and stability. We also set up, configure, and troubleshoot your VPN systems.

cloud infrastructure support

IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS models have transformed modern business processes and operations. We'll help you maintain your cloud services and fine-tune them for seamless performance.

user authentication and management

We provide user account support services, including remote access, user authentication, single sign-on (SSO), and permissions management to prevent unauthorized access to your infrastructure, apps, and data.

disaster recovery and testing

Our disaster recovery services provide businesses with quick recovery in case of data loss and system disruption. We also conduct recovery testing to assess data recoverability following unforeseen disruptive events.

support documentation and knowledge bases

We assist startups and SMBs in creating, organizing, and maintaining a repository of self-service information (knowledge bases, FAQs, user guides) for their customers and internal teams.

data operations support

data storage and recovery

We’ll help you manage, maintain, and troubleshoot your data storage system, ensuring regular backups and actionable recovery policies are in place.

on-prem data center support

We’ll provide your on-premise data center support and ongoing infrastructure monitoring and scanning for vulnerabilities, ensuring timely maintenance.

data security and compliance

Our team will configure, store, and protect your data against breaches, malware, and other types of attacks. We will also ensure your business complies with HIPAA, GDPR, and other data regulations.

remote IT support automation

As a remote IT support service provider, we apply our proven support automation framework based on robotic process automation (RPA) and machine learning to reduce the need for manual work. Automation allows our clients to handle repetitive tasks, such as password resets, software installations, and system updates, without human assistance.

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why our remote IT support services are right for you

As a startup or small business owner, you might have limited resources to manage your IT services or user support on your own. Our remote technical support services help SMBs and startups tackle various technical challenges and efficiently support their on-site and remote staff and customers on all levels. We enable companies to confidently make business decisions knowing that our qualified IT experts back them up.

  • wheel-flat.svg
    cost savings
    Eliminate the need for employing an in-house support team and reduce costs associated with maintaining physical infrastructure or support centers.
  • prospects-flat.svg
    increased efficiency
    Provide assistance and resolve IT issues quickly. Support teams can remotely access systems, software, or devices, resulting in faster response times and issue resolution.
  • Pie-chart.svg
    Scale up your business to meet increasing support demands without hiring and training additional IT staff.
  • evaluation-flat.svg
    global reach
    Offer remote IT support across different time zones to cater to clients worldwide.
  • Timer.svg
    reduced downtime
    Minimize downtime by quickly addressing technical issues and providing guidance to users and employees alike.
  • tech-skills-flat.svg
    improved customer experience
    Provide personalized and efficient assistance. Our specialists can diagnose and resolve issues in real-time, leading to a better customer experience.

choose your mode of service delivery

Depending on your project’s nature and specs, we provide three main types of remote support service delivery for startups and SMBs.

remote IT help desk

Prompt 24/7 help desk assistance gets more and more business-critical for companies of all sizes. We offer L1 and L2 help desk support services to resolve emerging issues with IT infrastructure and client requests quickly.

support team augmentation

We can supplement your in-house support team with our qualified professionals. This option is a good fit for businesses that want to enhance their support capabilities, fill skill gaps, or manage increased workloads without hiring more in-house staff.

managed IT support services

Our managed IT support services team supports cloud networks, software applications, web hosting, email, mobile apps, and more. This model suits companies willing to benefit from round-the-clock proactive monitoring, troubleshooting, and IT infrastructure support.

explore more services

DevOps services
Keep your IT infrastructure and delivery secure and stable with our DevOps services.
quality assurance
Optimize your development process using functional, security, performance, and other tests.

IT support tech we work with

Each support-related project requires the right technology depending on various factors, including your company's specific needs and requirements. From software troubleshooting to server maintenance and network cybersecurity, our support specialists work with industry-proven technologies and tools.


Service Now






and more



Google Cloud Platform

Microsoft Azure

Google Workspace

Microsoft 365

and more


Active Directory

Apache HTTP Server

Cisco VPN AnyConnect

and more


Microsoft SQL Server



Oracle RDBMS

and more

get started with your remote IT support

As a remote IT services provider, we stick to three basic steps when processing support-related requests from our clients.

share your needs

Share your support needs during the first contact, and we’ll get back to you with a solution that suits your project better.

choose the engagement model

Choose the engagement model based on your project’s specifications and goals.

get started

You can choose between our self-managed IT support team, or we can add our specialists to your in-house team. Get our full support during contract signing and your new remote IT support team onboarding.

you are in good company

We at EPAM are happy to deliver excellent results and prove our expertise time and again with clients that range from small and medium to enterprise-size businesses.


We found working with EPAM has been a true partnership, where they’ve proven themselves to be a reliable, trustworthy and hardworking team that has really helped us push the boundary of customer-centric innovation.

Zac Carman Managing Director Products, Consumer Affairs

The trusted EPAM team has helped us push the boundaries of customer-centric innovation. With programs like Horizon 4, we need the ability of our development partners to stay on track. And EPAM stands for that.

Mark Giesbers Managing Director Products, Liberty Global

We chose EPAM to develop a native mobile extension of an existing enterprise application. They were able to quickly identify the needs of our project and collaborate with key individuals within our organization to not only deliver the application on-time, but make significant improvements to our existing core application.

Justin Catalana CEO, Fort Point Beer Company
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