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mobile application development services

Turbo-charge your design and development pipeline and deliver outstanding apps for iOS and Android platforms with unmatched speed and efficiency. Tap into new business opportunities by relying on our mobile app development solutions tailored for startups and enterprise companies alike.

Full-cycle mobile app development company for every type of business

Take your mobile digital products to a whole new level by relying on our extensive technical expertise and a broad variety of mobile services and solutions for rapid design, development, and product delivery to a designated environment or app store.

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    Enterprise-level quality for everyone
    No matter the size of your company, enjoy the confidence of working with top mobile app experts, many of whom have taken part in the most challenging digital transformation projects for major enterprise clients from the Fortune 500 list. Grant your mobile development team instant access to an impressive amount of technical know-how, best practices, and other perks of working with mobile application developers that’s been in the mobile app software business for decades.
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    Professional guidance and expedited onboarding
    Whether you are trying to refine your product strategy, streamline your development process, or just find a reliable development partner for your future project, you’ll be well served in any capacity by our team. Capitalize on our deep web and mobile development expertise and multi-domain focus to build the best solutions for your target audience. Ensure the shortest time to market thanks to the talent engagement platform offered by our mobile app development services.
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Wide array of mobile app development solutions

QA and app testing

Ensure 100% stability of your Android and iOS apps and launch mobile products with full confidence thanks to our multitier, multi-device QA practices embedded into our service portfolio.

Security and compliance audits

Pass industrial certifications and internal compliance audits with flying colors as well as less rework by running your apps’ code past our skilled mobile engineering leads and software architects.

Third-party integration

Empower your mobile and web applications with the ability to connect to third-party systems and external data sources, and deliver extra value to your users by building functional backend APIs.

Mobile strategy consulting

Take full advantage of the collective expertise of our iOS and Android top guns to streamline your mobile strategy, preemptively minimizing the cost of development, boosting market traction, and shortening the time to market.

Top-notch UX/UI design

Let our mobile development experts help you create best-in-class user experience and eye-catching user interface designs that will make your customers love your mobile apps on every platform.

Product design and development

Our team builds the most innovative mobile products based on modern development frameworks and emerging tech, then have your new apps published in a corresponding app store.

Technologies We Employ for Building Mobile Application Software

Cloud platforms
  • Azure
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud Platform
Cross-platform frameworks
  • Ionic
  • Xamarin
  • React Native
  • Cordova
  • PhoneGap
  • Sencha
  • Titanium
  • Flutter
Native mobile languages
  • Swift
  • Objective-C
  • Java
  • Kotlin
Backend technologies
  • .NET
  • Python
  • Java
  • PHP
  • RoR
  • Node.js
hire a dedicated software development team you can trust
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Voice of our clients: mobile application development success stories

Put our vast experience in building customized solutions for enterprise clients to work for you, and let us deliver tangible value to your growing eCommerce business or personal finance management startup.


EPAM helped the client to develop a door-to-door (D2D) sales application that integrates the parent company's service offerings (mobile and DSL) with its own (cable TV) to support sales agents and boost revenue.


The solution provides a user-friendly interface for guiding the client's employees around neighborhoods and apartment buildings based on walking lists that EPAM has optimized with real-time customer data to give agents the best possible chance of closing sales in the field.

  • Increased revenue by 3.5 million Euros in just six months
  • Empowered project managers in the field with the resources to effectively manage D2D personnel
  • Provided 1,000 active D2D sales agents with the most relevant data to reach the maximum number of potential leads each day in the field
  • Enabled sales agents to cross-sell the full suite of cable and Internet communication services provided by the client
hire a dedicated software development team you can trust
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Benefits of our Mobile App Services

Let our custom mobile software development solutions be your trusted guide in the ever-expanding world of mobile technologies. We are always there for advice, professional consultation and have super-bright minds available on short notice to help turn your idea into reality

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Add mind-blowing functionality to your iOS app or Android application to effectively address your end-users’ needs and business pains. AR/VR capabilities, Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI), advanced business intelligence based on machine learning and big data, and blockchain integration are just a few examples of our broad full-stack expertise.



When looking for the best quality, work with the best. We build upon the success and capabilities of EPAM, operating in over 50 countries with a combined headcount of nearly 50,000 employees. No matter the complexity of your current or future project, you’ll have the right people for the job, guaranteed.



Capitalize on our diverse technical and business expertise in various domains and industries. Leverage our solid capabilities in designing and implementing software solutions of any complexity — including mobile-centric, enterprise-level platforms and innovative mobile apps and platforms.



Enjoy predictable business outcomes with our advanced project management processes. We use agile development principles that have been successfully tried and tested on projects involving dozens and sometimes hundreds of people working from multiple locations and time zones.

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