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how we deliver

Scale your development capabilities by extending your team or outsourcing entire projects for end-to-end engagement.

why we deliver successfully

EPAM Startups & SMBs is a platform where you can hire vetted software engineers to deliver enterprise-level services for small and medium-sized IT projects.


discovery & insights

Schedule a free consultation to share your challenges and learn how we can help you.


resource planning

We identify the right resources and send you a project and budget proposal.


talent selection

After the contrast is singed, we map and evaluate tech talent specific to your project.


project begins

When the on-demand team is built, we immediately get to work.

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Objectives mapping ImagesObjectives mapping Images

We help you evaluate your goals to focus on project performance


EPAM Startups & SMBs provides collaborative online workshops with your company that focus on exploring your problem, identifying your objectives and prioritizing them using virtual Kanban boards (like Jira or Azure DevOps) so we can visualize and categorize the scope appropriately.


Architectural guidelines are key for a distributed team. Our teams have frictionless access to diagrams, guiding principles and documentation to help us stay focused on your vision and the agreed-upon approaches.


We leverage online planning boards (like Miro and Smartsheet) during virtual refinement sessions to prioritize feature lists within the backlog and scope the work for our roadmap.

framework selection

We rigorously define roles and implement a workflow cadence to stay on track

  • We implement effective processes for our fully digital remote talent, such as deploying Agile or flow frameworks at scale to work asynchronously.
  • We leverage knowledge repositories where remote team members can add their items for collective review:
    • Our defined and documented requirement intake process allows us to “slice” high-level initiatives into features/stores via virtual boards (such as Jira or Azure DevOps).
    • UX and solution architecture designs are completed through Miro in the Atlassian Confluence suite.
  • The entire team stays up-to-date on the progress of the project by accessing small increments and (bi)weekly demos with documented acceptance, issues and retrospectives.
Framework Selection ImagesFramework Selection Images
Winner people bannerWinner people banner
Team identification ImagesTeam identification Images

We enable your company to gain access to autonomous all-remote teams and digital communities in a secure environment.

Finding & Validating key talent

  • Having a robust description of the team’s roles is important to ensuring fast remote staffing. EPAM’s Staffing Desk uses workflows to formalize opportunities and create position descriptions.
  • Our holistic dashboard of supply-demand provides a listing of active projects categorized by skills and probability to start. Our advanced machine learning mechanism helps us qualify a project’s position data and match it with available people based on their skills, past projects and references.
  • Through our online evaluation method, we ensure every candidate fits with the provided expectations of the position. Our automatic interview system allows us to rigorously test candidates’ core skills and determine their actual level of expertise.

Onboarding Digitally and Efficiently ​

Our online adaptation module can be configured by project or initiative needs to digitally onboard specialists based on specific project objectives, industry overview, features and productive output.

security & reliability assurance

key client security concerns
EPAM's remote & managed services solution

client end point & device id, authentication

Ensuring that each device is locked down. Ensuring that each instance of access is a valid interaction/transaction​.

Access control and Authentication in the platform enables end-to-end protection.



Ensuring that the data is secure in transit across the various systems between the user and the corporate data store/warehouse​.

Compliance is managed through in-built rules-based capabilities, ensuring everyone's data is secure​.



Enabling a corporation to set the rules around utilization or data, and info for appropriate business purposes.

Transportation Policies are enforced by the respective platform layers — addressing these key items.


resource & data access

Limiting the access to corporate resources based on roles, responsibilities and functions — ensuring the wrong people don’t see the wrong things​.

Asset and Resource access is governed by configurations in the solution, providing the right access​.



Protecting individual’s private data against unacceptable and impermissible usage.

When you are in our secure infrastructure, it’s as if you’re in a VDI — Virtual Development Environment​.

Metrics tracking ImagesMetrics tracking Images

We leverage extended burnup charts, which provide a forecast of delivery dates that consider the non-assigned and non-estimated scope.

Monitoring Progress, Scope & Activities

Special widget displays highlight changes so the sprint scope stays stable. We focus on making progress and not wasting time on re-work. Estimation accuracy is a key factor for ensuring effective remote delivery to:

  • Stimulate a culture of commitment into sprints and scope among teams and individuals.
  • Provide a foundation for reliable distributed release planning with transparent scheduling risks.

Determining Overall Quality​

  • Our platform offers an AI-driven quality debt chart to forecast hours needed to fix high-priority defects based on historical review of time needed to fix issues.
  • To convert data into action, our platform offers annotations and goals alongside the metrics driven by project leadership on team retrospectives.

Continuous Collaboration

We drive collective innovation by using collaboration frameworks to align business, product management and IT/delivery.

Establishing The Right Framework​

  • We record all verbal communication and mandate that all remote and in-office developers use the same communication channels so every part of the project is documented and accessible.
  • We encourage early feedback and regular retrospectives through:
    • Weekly demos and review of key KPIs from the bottom-up to align on progress and outcomes.
    • Formal and well-documented reviews of results.
    • Business reviews that relate to OKR assessments (bottom-up) and adjustments (top-down).
  • We leverage tools that encourage transparency and availability as we know that remote delivery is built on trust not policies.

Addressing Issues & Risks​

We organize regular risk management meetings with key stakeholders and/or program leadership while the daily progress report is shared with stakeholders or client partners.

Continuous Collaboration ImagesContinuous Collaboration Images
hire a dedicated software development team you can trust
tell us about your project
Iterative feedback ImagesIterative feedback Images

We collect feedback on relative changes at appropriate time intervals across the course of the project.

Monitoring Team Performance

We understand that in order to drive productive change, we need to constantly monitor and optimize the success factors across teams:

  • We keep track of the constant flow and types of tasks delivered, including new features, defects, debt and risks.
  • We deploy an efficient process that focuses on producing activities to avoid irrelevant communications, blockers and burnouts.

Identifying Individual Contributions

Our combined summary of daily activities is overlaid with the number of closed tasks to provide insight into whether the process works for constant and uninterrupted delivery.

Managing Teams & Groups​

We provide visual analytics that enable teams to mobilize maximum capacity for the most important tasks.

Consolidating & Reporting Across the Business​

Together with your organization, we provide a weekly consolidated action plan with an update on statuses, risks and issues reviewed through data collection. We organize a monthly business review to ensure alignment to targets.