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front-end development services from top-tier experts

If you are looking for a frontend development company, working with our vetted IT experts is the optimal choice. We provide team extension and managed team models to support your business with people who know their job best.

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    find the perfect match with our massive talent pool
    Our talent pool of 50,000+ best-in-class engineers will help you get people with a relevant background in your industry and similar projects. The developers in our teams know all the best practices and efficient solutions because they learn continuously and stay up-to-date with the latest software trends via courses, mentorships, and self-learning. We have a strong international presence in 50+ countries. Most of our talents are located in Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America. This means you will get a perfect cultural fit, reduce costs, and team up with people from your time zone.
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    fast launch and an immediate start
    You don’t have to wait forever to start your project. Our front-end developer services can take your project to the development stage fast and efficiently. Due to our vast talent pool, we can find any expert in the shortest time. After verifying that they perfectly match your requirements, it takes less than 2 weeks for the engineers to start working on your project.
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our front-end web development services

web development services
We create solutions ranging from single-page applications to complex cross-platform multi-level websites.
SaaS development services
We help you develop the SaaS architecture, implement cloud solutions, and use the best data management tools.
prototype testing services
Our team will take your prototype through user testing to determine the best UI/UX experience.

frontend development services for your project

EPAM Startups & SMBs provides robust front-end development solutions that help your startup or SMB grow. With experience and talent, we can bring any idea to life.

industry leaders in your project

There are experts who work with the leading Silicon Valley and Forbes 2000 companies among our vast engineer talent. You have the possibility to use the experience of these tech giants to your advantage, growing your business with our digital solutions.

flexible and scalable team

With EPAM Startups & SMBs, you can get any kind of expertise from a variety of locations and time zones. Most of our professionals are located in Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America.

fast contracting

You don’t have to waste months with sourcing and paperwork. Our legal department prepares all the documentation, ensuring you begin your relationship with our developers as fast as possible.

result-oriented work

All our teams follow a maximum value policy, ensuring you get the most from our services. That’s because you’re more than a client for us — you are our partner.

competitive technologies we use







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development tools



HTML5 Boilerplate

Google Fonts


Chrome dev tools

and more



Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud Platform





and more

version control




and more

let’s find the best technologies for your business idea
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our front-end development services: success stories

SAP Hybris implementation for Wiley Efficient Learning

EPAM improved a poor checkout experience on the front end, successfully integrated a new shopping cart, digital catalog management, and payment processing features, and implemented AWS infrastructure into the existing system, which resulted in increased revenue.

Python development for Sphero’s education platform

EPAM improved Sphero's solution by removing bugs and implementing new features such as progress reports, notifications, and classroom management. This helped the company increase the number of classes by 39% and the number of assignments added by 21%.

seamless collaboration to enhance productivity for Burberry

EPAM teamed up with Burberry to move the user experience into a headless front-end through several project streams. Burberry’s internal users and customers appreciated the rebuilt solution as it provided an enhanced UX.

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