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immersive gameswear shopping experience for Fulllife

Our team supported Fulllife with technical expertise to build and drive their gameswear brand’s digital presence. Fulllife provides a fully immersive shopping experience for gamers, including exciting features such as a loyalty program and the capability to unlock virtual objects to life. Our team handled the gaming-inspired site's strategy, development, and design involving Adobe experts.

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Adobe Experience Cloud, Magento, Zendesk, Hipay, Shipup






project context

The project involved working with the client, Fulllife, to provide Magento development services focusing on customization, optimization, and scalability. The aim was to create a robust, user-centric, and technically advanced online shopping experience for users invested in gaming merchandise they could buy with the brand’s own virtual currency. This collaboration emphasized exceeding expectations and delivering excellence through technology and gamification.

project context Fulllife imageproject context Fulllife image

Adobe solutions for virtual gameswear shopping

  • retail-flat.svg
    ecommerce development
    To truly set Fulllife apart in the competitive ecommerce landscape, we tailored every aspect of their online store to align perfectly with Fulllife's unique business needs. Our team borrowed mechanisms of gaming and elevated the shopping experience that Fulllife offers. We also integrated Zendesk for exceptional customer service, global payment service Hipay, Hotjar functionality for behavior analytics and feedback, and Shipup for elevated shipping experience.
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    user-centric design
    While constructing the website, our team adopted a completely agile collaborative approach and adhered to an intensive experience design methodology. Adobe Experience Cloud was chosen as the most suitable platform for customizing the user experience while offering a range of features for administrators.
  • Coins.svg
    virtual currency integration
    Our team deep-dived into the brand’s philosophy and audience, creating a strategy allowing Fulllife products to combine the real and virtual worlds. Our team translated the experience of buying your avatar clothes and accessories into the world of online shopping. Now, users can unlock rare and legendary products using the in-store virtual currency FL Coins.
  • prospects-flat.svg
    gamified shopping experience
    Fulllife was seeking a way to gamify their online store to appeal to the target audience. For this, our team helped to custom-design the brand’s Capsule system. As users shop, they collect value, the process powered by the Business Rules Engine at the core of the Fulllife eShop Engine. This cutting-edge technology provides visitors with tailored conditions in real-time, enabling Fulllife's teams to configure parameters to meet their specific requirements dynamically.
Adobe solutions imageAdobe solutions image

results of the cooperation

Our cooperation with Fulllife resulted in a transformative digital journey for Fulllife's online presence. The gameswear brand’s scalable platform can adapt to their evolving needs and market demands. The modular architecture allowed for efficient expansion and cost-effective resource allocation.

The platform stirred serious excitement within the gaming community when it went live. With the introduction of capsules, Fulllife saw over 1,500 customer accounts created on its launch day. In a remarkably short span, gaming enthusiasts quickly navigated to the website, establishing several thousand accounts. The growth of the Fulllife project is ongoing, with the user base continually expanding.

results of the cooperation Fulllife imageresults of the cooperation Fulllife image
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