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a data management platform for WaveBreak

WaveBreak Therapeutics is a US biopharmaceutical company committed to revolutionizing drug discovery for major neurodegenerative diseases. With an innovative platform targeting transient protein states, they focus on addressing some of our most pressing medical needs, such as related to Parkinson's disease, Lewy body dementia, Alzheimer's disease, and ALS. In a strategic partnership with EPAM Startups & SMBs, WaveBreak has constructed a comprehensive data management platform encapsulating all laboratory work, findings, and projects.

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50+ employees

company size

since 2016

in business

Boston, USA

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2 Python developers

our team

2 years

project duration

project context

WaveBreak's primary concerns revolved around the need for an efficient data management system to analyze and extract meaningful insights from their research data. Additionally, they needed to expedite their operational efficiency and sought expertise beyond their in-house team.

project context WaveBreak imageproject context WaveBreak image

industry demand for innovative treatment

The industry's demand for innovative treatments, specifically for neurodegenerative diseases, gave rise to WaveBreak’s research into the advanced therapeutics for a range of neurodegenerative conditions, which could be translated into viable medical solutions.

optimizing & augmenting data management

WaveBreak needed a solution to optimize data management to systematically store and classify extensive data from their studies. They sought to streamline this process and access relevant data efficiently, to draw meaningful insights easier and accelerate their drug development process.

expediting operational efficiency

A key concern for WaveBreak was enhancing operational efficiency. They sought solutions to automate redundant tasks, improve resource allocation, and reduce time-intensive manual processes. These improvements would free their researchers to focus more on their tasks at hand.

expertise beyond the in-house team

Even with a competent in-house team, WaveBreak recognized the need for additional expertise to manage the growing complexity of data. They wanted to access the advanced skill sets to build a robust data management platform crucial to making their research more effective.


Aleksandras Gutmanas

Senior Data Enablement Manager, WaveBreak

"One of the primary advantages of partnering with EPAM is the access to the vast talent pool. We depend not only on a single individual but also on an entire network of experts. With in-house employees, knowledge is limited, and problem-solving takes significantly longer. EPAM's collaborative culture and tech expertise substantially expedite our problem-solving process, which is immensely beneficial."

cooperation highlights

Our team addressed the startup's concerns by providing a Python expert who helped to develop a comprehensive data management platform (DMP). This platform enabled WaveBreak to optimize their data, streamline their processes, and increase operational efficiency, further expanding its engagement with EPAM Startups & SMBs.

  • skill-flat.svg
    data management platform development
    The most significant outcome of this cooperation was the successful development of a comprehensive data management platform. This AWS-based platform streamlined WaveBreak's complex data, enhancing their research efficiency and accelerating their mission to revolutionize drug discovery for neurodegenerative diseases.
  • clients.svg
    expertise beyond development
    We brought more than software development expertise to WaveBreak's operations. The cooperation included translating complex scientific issues into technical solutions and enabling WaveBreak to maximize the potential of its data better. Our team also played a significant role in ideation and creative questioning, pushing the boundaries of conventional solutions.
  • prospects-flat.svg
    fixed budget & ease of scaling up and down
    Understanding the constraints and flexibilities of a startup, EPAM offered WaveBreak a cooperation model that allowed working within a fixed budget while providing the flexibility of scaling the team up or down as required. This ensured that WaveBreak received optimum service from skilled professionals without straining their resources.
  • certification-flat.svg
    ownership of the project
    Our team did not restrict themselves to defined roles but became an integral part of WaveBreak, demonstrating an active ownership of the project. They approached challenges creatively, posed insightful questions, and took initiatives that greatly contributed to the success of WaveBreak's data management project.

Aleksandras Gutmanas

Senior Data Enablement Manager, WaveBreak

"We were not just looking for more team members but for the right set of skills. We needed someone who could bridge our work's scientific and technical aspects, not just follow instructions but also ask creative questions and take ownership. Thus, our goal was to find the right talent."

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