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eCommerce web development services

Work with the best eCommerce web developers in the world to build a custom platform for your business processes. Get access to modern tools to create solutions and products that solve customers’ problems.

A Wide Range of eCommerce Web Development Services to Level Up Security and Efficiency For Your Business

Our developers offer an extensive range of services to propel your startup or eCommerce development company to success. Entrust your project ideas into the hands of our experts and their years of Silicon Valley experience.

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    Web design and development
    We dedicate ample time and resources to the UI/UX design stage of every eCommerce project, emphasizing the importance of seamless user experience and customer satisfaction.
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    B2B platform development
    Announce your eCommerce store development company to the world by developing a B2B platform. Our developers also have the expertise to fully implement marketing tools as well.
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    eCommerce consulting
    Get in touch with our eCommerce development experts to discover the best approach for sustainable business growth. Use data-driven initiatives to create solutions that will pay dividends through your online store.
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    M-commerce development
    Capitalize on the growing number of mobile users globally. Work with our eCommerce developers to build m-commerce apps and integrations for your business operations.
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    Website audit
    Give your eCommerce website a much-needed boost. Let our technicians and analysts conduct full-scale health checks and audits to ensure every feature and integration works properly.
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    Booking and ticketing solutions
    As part of our eCommerce website development services, we also help startups develop and implement solutions for booking and ticketing.
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    IoT solutions
    Whether you are looking to build an eCommerce portal or a smart solution for a device, our developers and engineers will help you create and deploy it within the specified deadline.
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    Third-party integrations
    Spice up your apps with third-party integrations and payment solutions. Work with an experienced eCommerce developer to ensure that all integrations meet industry compliance standards.
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    eCommerce analytics
    Our eCommerce development services will provide accurate data reporting for your projects. Use advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to spot lucrative growth opportunities within your industry.
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eCommerce Website Development Services for Your Project’s Successful Launch and Growth

Give your startup the best opportunity to grow by using our eCommerce web development services. Tap into our vast talent pool to build products that will boost engagement and convert exponentially.


Expert consultation

Reach out to our eCommerce consultant to brainstorm and straighten out your project’s key details.


Market Research

We'll analyze your potential competitors and conduct extensive market research to spot lucrative opportunities to solve menacing user pain points.


POC and MVP development

From your refined project requirements, we’ll start working on a proof of concept. Our designers and developers will collaborate to develop a minimum viable product.



Choose a cooperation model that aligns with your requirements and budget. Make an initial payment and we’ll then begin working on your eCommerce platform.



We’ll hand over your project to our web development team to turn those ideas into working models and achieve optimal results.


Testing and QA

Once the product is ready, the quality assurance team will test it for bugs and other technical vulnerabilities.



From the testing results, developers will conduct a final round of development to optimize the existing product.



The DevOps team will finalize the system architecture. Then, we’ll hand over the access codes and admin rights to your eCommerce website development agency.



Our eCommerce web development solutions also extend beyond deployment. We’ll continue providing support and maintenance.

Technologies to Leave Your Competitors Far Behind

  • Drupal, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify, OpenCart, Big Cart, 3D Cart, Shopware, Adobe
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript, Vue.js, Next, Angular, React, Meteor
  • .NET, Python, Java, GO, C++, PHP, Node.js
  • Xamarin, React, Native, Flutter, Ionic, Cordova, PWA, Docker, Ansible, Kubernetes
  • Azure, Terraform, OpenShift, Salesforce, Zendesk, SAP, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics
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Companies That Soar Using Our eCommerce Store Development Services


We helped Southern Phone Company, a leading Australian telecom, build a robust platform to help drive personalization and reach new audiences. As a result, the company’s website recorded higher session volumes and a faster load speed.


Our talented developers helped HEAD launch an eCommerce platform for its 2020 Winter Sports Campaign. We helped the company set up a comprehensive monitoring and logging solution to track application performance


We helped New Era launch three B2C sites as part of the company’s eCommerce transformation initiative. New Era launched its transformed B2B portal with upgraded features and functionality, including an innovative 3D Cap Builder tool.

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Benefits Your Project Will Receive With eCommerce Development Services from EPAM Startups & SMBs



The continuous life cycle of our eCommerce website design and development services will help your business continue to scale upwards.



Our software development projects for web and mobile relies on airtight security. We use encrypted platforms to protect your sensitive data from unauthorized access.



At EPAM Startups & SMBs, we seamlessly integrate APIs and other third-party software as part of our web eCommerce development services.



We’ll use lightweight themes and compatible digital marketing tools to improve your site’s loading speed and organic traffic. Our analysts will also conduct health checks and SEO audits to ensure your site doesn’t perform poorly in Google search results.



When we provide custom software development services for companies, we always make sure that our developers deliver milestones in time. Your platform or product will never miss the estimated time-to-market.



Our developers, engineers, and consultants have worked with business owners from several industries. They have enough extensive experience to work on any project, regardless of niche.



Custom web development with EPAM Startups & SMBs doesn’t end after the product release. We’ll always be there in case you need help maintaining the product.



Whether we are building payment gateways or mobile business services, our developers use scalable architecture to facilitate exponential business growth and audience expansion.



Our developers are familiar with international regulatory standards like GDPR, PCB DSS, KYC, and AML. When building electronic commerce products and services, they will follow these regulations to the letter.

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