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why hire a Meteor developer with EPAM Startups & SMBs

When you hire Meteor developers through EPAM Startups & SMBs, you can get a talented stack developer or software engineer with experience in web apps and web development, mobile applications, enhancing the user experience by harnessing front-end best practices to increase engagement. Additionally, achieve cross-platform compatibility to ensure consistency with our Meteor developers for hire, augmenting your digital brand.

find Meteor developers that are top-quality and ready-to-work

When you need to hire Meteorjs developers, you need to secure top-notch skills and get them onboard quickly. Whether you need a part-time or full-time mobile or web developer, our team can find candidates that have the right capabilities and are ready to start right away.

remote work natives

Working remotely successfully requires specific capabilities. As a remote-first development company, EPAM Startups & SMBs ensures that companies can hire Meteor js developers who have the skills needed to thrive without direct, in-office oversight, including strong communication, teamwork, and more.

proven practices for optimal results

EPAM has 30+ years of experience in the industry. Our team ensures that startups and SMBs can find Meteor coders quickly and affordably. We rely on proven practices that consistently lead to optimal results, ensuring critical projects move forward seamlessly.

industry knowledge

When you hire a Meteor developer, you get the best results if they don’t just have critical technical skills but if they also understand your industry. EPAM Startups & SMBs makes it easy to hire developers with prior experience in your niche, ensuring an ideal fit.

how to hire Meteor programmers with us

share your project needs

Discuss your vision and requirements with our experienced team and receive critical insights to refine the approach.

choose your team

Review vetted candidates, including receiving hand-selected resumes and conducting interviews to choose your team.

onboard and start your project

Hire Meteor programmers and immediately onboard them to get your project started.

find Meteor developers for hire to deliver these services

web development
Web solutions that focus on performance while offering scalability and boosting engagement.
mobile app development
Native, hybrid, and cross-platform mobile application development designed with your goals in mind.
software development for startups
Bring new, innovative solutions to life and get to market faster to achieve your startup goals.

you are in good company

We at EPAM Startups & SMBs are happy to deliver excellent results and prove our expertise time and again with clients that range from small and medium to enterprise-size businesses.


We found working with EPAM has been a true partnership, where they’ve proven themselves to be a reliable, trustworthy and hardworking team that has really helped us push the boundary of customer-centric innovation.

Zac Carman Managing Director Products, Consumer Affairs

The trusted EPAM team has helped us push the boundaries of customer-centric innovation. With programs like Horizon 4, we need the ability of our development partners to stay on track. And EPAM stands for that.

Mark Giesbers Managing Director Products, Liberty Global

We chose EPAM to develop a native mobile extension of an existing enterprise application. They were able to quickly identify the needs of our project and collaborate with key individuals within our organization to not only deliver the application on-time, but make significant improvements to our existing core application.

Justin Catalana CEO, Fort Point Beer Company
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pros & cons of the Meteor framework

The Meteor framework is a popular option for mobile and web application development. But while it excels in some areas, it also has its fair share of drawbacks. Before you hire Meteor experts for your next project, here’s an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of using the framework for mobile and web app development.


  • Open-source: as an open-source framework, Meteor.js is both affordable and agile.
  • Full-stack: Meteor JS is a full-stack solution, supporting both front-end and back-end development needs.
  • Cross-platform: Meteor.js is a cross-platform framework, simplifying development when multiple devices or browsers are involved.
  • Real-time updates: Meteor performs updates automatically and pushes them directly to devices and browsers in real-time.
  • Easy to learn: getting familiar with Meteor is far simpler than some other solutions, making it accessible to a wide variety of tech professionals and easing conversations in multi-discipline teams.


  • Pre-built package conflicts: in some cases, pre-built packages can conflict, so it’s essential to hire Meteor engineers that can navigate those issues.
  • No reactive joins: the lack of reactive joins can lengthen the development timeline, though it’s possible to overcome this when you hire Meteor specialists.
  • Lack of control over loading file order: since there’s no control over the order of loading files, remaining organized is potentially challenging if you don’t find Meteor programmers with the proper expertise to join your team.
  • No native server-side rendering: Meteor.js doesn’t inherently use server-side rendering.
  • Fewer tool and library choices: the Meteor ecosystem is smaller, so there are fewer options when it comes to tools and libraries.

when to use Meteor.js and when not to use it

There is a wide variety of use cases and scenarios where using Meteor is ideal. Here are some situations where you may want to hire Meteor.js developers and use the framework to bring your web or mobile app to life:

  • Prefer a full-stack framework
  • Want real-time web application capabilities
  • Need cross-platform compatibility
  • Want to develop prototypes or MVPs fast
  • Prefer open-source options for affordability and versatility

While Meteor works well for the reasons above, there are situations where it isn’t the ideal choice. For large, complex apps, it’s potentially better to choose a solution with a broader ecosystem. However, when you hire Meteor developers with the right skills, the framework is often far more capable than you might expect.

top 10 Meteor JS tools

When you hire Meteorjs developers, each one may have some preferences regarding the tools they use to create applications. However, some are widely favored in the community. Here’s a list of the top 10 Meteor JS tools:

  1. Velocity
  2. Meteor Tools for Visual Studio
  3. Laika
  4. Iron
  5. Meteor Tooltips
  6. Sublime Text 3
  7. Mongol
  8. JetBrains WebStorm
  9. Meteor Kitchen
  10. Cloud 9

role of a Meteor developer

Before you hire Meteor js developers, you need to know the role these experts take on when they hop into a project. While the requirements vary by position, here’s a look at common responsibilities you need to consider when looking for Meteor programmers for hire:

  • Analyze project requirements
  • Use DevOps for CI/CD
  • Create technical specifications
  • Code web and mobile apps
  • Test applications
  • Maintain and update existing apps
  • Develop new or extend existing features
  • Optimize applications for speed and efficiency

Ultimately, the responsibilities above are a simple overview of what’s typically needed when a company needs to hire a Meteor developer. Since every project is unique, those who want to find Meteor coders for upcoming work need to factor in their distinct needs to assign appropriate duties.

tech skills of a Meteor.js programmer

When you’re hiring Meteor.js developers, ensuring they have the proper technical skills is essential. Precisely what’s needed varies not only by project but also by the level of the position. Consult with our team to outline specific requirements:

junior developer

  • Knowledge of Meteor.js framework
  • Familiarity with JavaScript
  • Web or mobile app coding
  • Application maintenance
  • Application optimization
  • Troubleshooting
  • Understanding of full-stack development
  • Knowledge of relevant web or mobile platforms
  • Writing technical documentation

middle developer

  • All previously mentioned skills
  • Familiarity with MongoDB, REST API, JSON
  • In-depth knowledge of Meteor.js framework
  • Extensive JavaScript experience
  • Creating technical specifications
  • Application testing and QA
  • In-depth knowledge of widely-used Meteor tools
  • Experience with cloud platforms

senior developer

  • All previously mentioned skills
  • Project management experience
  • Stakeholder communication
  • Extensive experience with cloud solutions

team lead

  • All previously mentioned skills
  • Extensive project management experience
  • Experience overseeing teams using project management, collaboration, and communication platforms

soft skills of a Meteor JS developer

When you hire Meteor.js programmers, ensuring the selected developers have the proper soft skills is essential. While technical skills are undeniably crucial when you want to find Meteor developers with the appropriate degree of competency, soft skills ensure they’re effective within the workplace. When you’re searching for Meteor developers for hire, here are some soft skills to seek out:

  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Adaptability
  • Problem-solving
  • Creativity
  • Critical thinking
  • Time management
  • Accountability
  • Self-motivated
  • Patient
  • Helpful

Most of these skills matter not just when you hire Meteor programmers but also when you build out your entire tech team. By working with EPAM Startups & SMBs, you can make sure that the candidates you select aren’t just technically competent; they’ll also have the soft skills you need to ensure your team thrives.

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