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Our custom software development services will connect your ideas to the best business software solutions. Make sure your software supports your business and highlights its advantages to your customers.

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Our Enterprise Software Solutions Help

EPAM Startups & SMBs helps you complete new projects, upgrade existing products, and create applications and new enterprise software solutions from scratch.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Our specialized software engineering team uses industry-leading platforms to create custom CRM solutions that meet your expectations and achieve your business objectives.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

We customize your ERP solutions by upgrading your existing plans and creating new ERP solutions as necessary to cover every business function: management, distribution, inventory, accounting, etc.

Payment Processing

Integrating point-of-sale (POS) solutions, our team offers implementation of the best easy payment transaction systems for your business.

AI & IoT-Connectivity

We install embedded software and firmware into AI-powered IoT devices, such as wearable technologies, consumer electronics, and smart home equipment.

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The Scope of Enterprise Software Development

One of the greatest challenges for any enterprise software development company is to successfully bridge the distance between the business and its customers, bringing them closer using speedy and client-centric services, responsive to the customer’s needs and expectations. Outdated technology is a persistent challenge for businesses around the globe. Establishing a client-centered business image on the digital market, using a modern platform with updated technical architecture, data connectivity, and barrier-free collaboration are essential to achieving business growth and stability.
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Enterprise software engineering is all about striving to improve the efficiency, functionality, and productivity of your technology. Its role is to ensure that your projects expand and succeed and that your business becomes a recognized player in the digital market, in a strategic, structured, and sustainable way. Our objective is to help your business become a market leader, and enhance your company’s projects with our skills, services, and support. Hiring us means a successful software launch incorporating an eye-catching and stylish interface design, custom software enterprise development services, digital consultation, modernized legacy and enterprise application integration.

Types of Services for Enterprise Software

Investing in different services of enterprise software can be the key to optimizing the internal operations of your company and maintaining or improving your competitive position in the market.

Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP Software)

Manages each element, resource, and internal operation in an intelligent way to keep your business functioning optimally. ERP software is an all-seeing eye that helps you visualize what needs to be improved by ensuring all company data is readily available from a single source.

Knowledge Management Software

Makes all business information and knowledge easily accessible to your employees when they need it, where they need it. This is a smart investment that eliminates improvised, ineffectual solutions.

Enterprise Content Management Software (ECM Software)

Ensures the confidentiality of all information and documentation, protecting it and providing access only to authorized personnel. It offers you the freedom to control administrative roles and authorizations as you wish.

Business Intelligence Software (BI Software)

BI software is great for mapping bottlenecks, and identifying tasks and processes that impair the quality of your end results. It supports better business decision-making by establishing and monitoring KPIs, and tracking numbers across departments. This tool obtains, analyzes, and centralizes key data all in one place, improving usability.

Business Continuity Software

Identifies and addresses points of disruption or failure and suggests ways to improve existing processes in your company. This protects your business against interruption and acts as a backup plan to prevent business disasters.

Benefits of EPAM Startups & SMBs Enterprise Software Development

EPAM Startups & SMBs is your trusted partner for enterprise software engineering and identifying the best solutions of enterprise software to modernize your business.
  • Our development teams include IT professionals from around the world with extensive expertise and a proven track record of success.
  • We begin by conducting an in-depth analysis to identify your business problem, define the project goals, and prioritize your scope of work.
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  • Architectural guidance is essential to a distributed team. Our teams have seamless access to diagrams, manuals, and documentation, so we can focus on your vision and craft consensus approaches before starting the enterprise software development process.
  • Reliability is our watchword. We guarantee timely, high-quality, and successful work.
  • Throughout the project, you will receive reports informing you of the progress and development of the project. Our team of experts is self-managed, highly committed, focused, and nimble.

FAQ about Enterprise Software Development

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We can create best-in-class user experience and eye-catching user interface designs that will make your customers love your mobile apps on every platform. Lean on EPAM Startups & SMBs — an expert provider of cost-effective digital solutions for Fintech, Hospitality, Retail, Real Estate, and a variety of other industries.

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