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custom marketplace development services

Check out our eCommerce marketplace development services. EPAM Startups & SMBs provides experienced online marketplace developers.

A Wide Range of Custom Marketplace Development Services to Level Up Security and Efficiency For Your Business

With the help of our experienced developers, your business can build various forms of platforms to suit your business model. Among our MVP services you can choose the following:

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    CMS development
    Take complete control of how you produce and share content. Our marketplace developers can help you build a content management system tailored to your specific industry focus.
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    Business to Business (B2B) solutions
    Create a marketplace that supports smooth, fast-paced transactions and interactions alike between companies.
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    Front-end development
    Work with our UX design team to build an eye-catching interface for your eCommerce marketplace. Ensure that these designs are responsive and provide a consistent brand experience.
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    Business to Consumer (B2C) solutions
    Build consumer-facing solutions for your business to connect with clients looking to perform financial operations. Use secure encryption modules to protect client data.
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    Peer to Peer (P2P) solutions
    Build custom marketplace development services that will enable individuals to carry out financial operations with ease.
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    Back-end development
    Our talent pool has several experienced back-end developers who can build databases and integrate APIs into your product platform.
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    Support and maintenance
    Our data engineers and online marketplace developers can help you identify and fix technical issues in the system architecture. We’ll also provide updates to keep the system running smoothly.
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    Multi-vendor marketplace development
    Expand your product’s reach by creating a platform that supports multiple vendors simultaneously, regardless of industry niche.
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    Cloud integration
    Work with state-of-the-art cloud tools to optimize the accuracy of your marketplace platforms using artificial intelligence and machine learning.
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e-Commerce Marketplace Development Services for Your Project’s Successful Launch and Growth

Our eCommerce marketplace development experts will provide you with top-notch services at every stage of the development process.



Reach out to our team with your project requirements and we’ll help you choose the best path to success without straying from your core objectives.



Using the information gathered during the consultation, our analysts will further assess the competition and identify opportunities to outperform them.



Our UI/UX designers will develop several prototypes, which will then be ironed out into a coherent proof of concept or a minimum viable product.



Once you approve the concept, we’ll give you a detailed quote containing the price estimate based on your preferred cooperation model.



After the finance team confirms the payment, the designers will push the agreed-upon prototype to development.



Before the developers deploy the product, they must carry out automatic tests to determine if it contains critical flaws and meets all compliance standards.



Once testing ensures the absence of any vulnerabilities in the product, the DevOps team can deploy it for public access to your target audience.



Our team will continue to provide support for your platform to make sure it continues to run smoothly for your customers.

Technologies to Leave Your Competitors Far Behind

  • Next.js, Vue.js, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, TypeScript, React
  • Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Python, MongoDB, MySQL, Firebase
  • Alesforce, Azure, AWS, Oracle, Google App Engine,, Cassandra
  • Linux, Ansible, Docker, Gitlab CI, Terraform, Kubernetes
  • Stripe, Braintree, PayPal
hire a dedicated software development team you can trust
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Rewards Your Project Can Expect When Using Marketplace Development Services From EPAM Startups & SMBs


User-friendly platforms

Since our services always put the customer first, we only build solutions that everybody can use regardless of their technical expertise or access device.


Data security

We prioritize the security of information that sellers and buyers share on platforms. This means our experts only adopt integrations that protect sensitive data from third parties.


Seasoned professionals

Our eCommerce marketplace developers have a proven track record of building solutions, working with companies in Silicon Valley and across the globe.


Regulation compliance

We’ll help your startup or small business follow all international and local compliance regulations, whether it is GDPR, MiFID, SEPA, or PCI DSS.


Timely delivery

Our experts stick to every deadline, delivering unparalleled quality services at each stage. We’ll make sure your project stays on course to meet the projected time-to-market.


Cost-effective development

The cooperation models we offer are friendly to startups and SMBs. You can consult our financial experts to choose a cost-effective model that best suits your business.

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