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retail app development services

Get the best-in-class retail app developers to create amazing solutions for your business or startup. Bring your ideas to life by embracing the digital transformation with your company.

A Wide Range of Retail Application Development Services to Level Up Your Business

Over the years, our custom retail app developers have worked with several retail and eCommerce companies and startups. Enjoy our extensive range of retail development services suited to businesses of all sizes.

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    Get the best APIs and third-party integrations to make your app world-class. Our developers will implement cross-platform development tools to ensure that features work on multiple devices and platforms.
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    Marketplace solutions
    Create a diverse marketplace for multiple sellers to show and sell their products and services. Let us use our global expertise to help you incorporate payment options and shopping carts to improve the overall experience.
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    Product personalization
    For a better customer experience, our development team for retail services will personalize solutions. And you won’t have to wait forever; once we begin, our developers will start the personalization process within 48 hours to implement data-based changes that align with your customer personas.
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    Vendor management system
    Obtain a tighter grip on your relationship with multiple vendors. Whether the product is cloud-based or locally hosted, we’ll find the best way to streamline contract negotiations, reduce risks, and guarantee safe service delivery.
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    eCommerce solutions
    Prepare your business for sustained success by building B2B, B2C, and P2P solutions for eCommerce. Our developers can boost your startup using experience gathered from working with world-famous eCommerce brands.
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    VR shopping
    Introduce an extra layer of personalization into the customer journey through VR shopping. Developers from our world-renowned talent management platform will help you create solutions that will help your customers experience products through virtual reality lenses.
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    Optimization services
    Pull away from the competition by plugging all holes in the retail software development process. Improve your online presence by capitalizing on social media marketing strategies that our development team recommends.
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    CRM solutions
    Expand your customer base regionally and globally while focusing on your brand’s core values. Build CRM solutions that can analyze, prescribe, and predict actionable intel on consumer and market behavior.
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    mCommerce solutions
    Build products for smartphones to tap into the increasing number of mobile shoppers. Use the mobile retail app development services we provide to create solutions for Android and iOS (iPhone)
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Custom Retail App Development Solutions for Your Project’s Significant Launch and Growth

We offer unmatched quality in retail application development services when working with companies and agencies of all sizes. Check out our esteemed custom retail mobile app development services.



Consult with our retail application development specialists to figure out the best strategy for building projects that meet your technical requirements and business needs.



Our analysts will conduct extensive competitor research to figure out how you can outperform them.



We’ll use the research results to create an early proof of concept that factors in your estimated time to market and budget. You’ll also get the minimum viable product from our UI/UX design team to visualize the proposed end result.



You will receive a cost estimate from our consultants according to your preferred cooperation model. We provide complete transparency in this process and you won’t have to worry about hidden costs.



Once payment has been completed, our experts will initiate the development process. You’ll also get the opportunity to choose your preferred tech stack and third-party integrations.



After the app development, we’ll test your product to eliminate all critical flaws. Our QA specialists will funnel the reports back to our retail app development experts for corrections and further optimization.



Once the product passes the quality assurance stage, you can then deploy it to app stores and start making money.



Even after deployment, you can still contact us to fix errors and create product updates for your retail app.


  • Next.js, Vue.js, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, TypeScript, React
  • Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Python, MongoDB, MySQL, Firebase, Java
  • Salesforce, Azure, AWS, Oracle, Google App, Engine,, Zoho, SugarCRM, Cassandra
  • Linux, Ansible, Docker, Gitlab CI, Terraform, Kubernetes
  • Stripe, Braintree, PayPal, Mailchimp, Mandrill, Opencart, Woocommerce, Magento, Shopify, WordPress, Magento, Drupal
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Real-World Customer Growth with Retail App Development of EPAM Startups & SMBs


Famous sporting goods brand Reebok recently partnered with us to debut an immersive prototype experience. This program uses interactive technology and relevant programming to guide customers through a series of prompts for online shopping.


We partnered with Jamba Juice to design a holistic future vision for the consumer goods chain. Our retail mobile app developers helped them incorporate features to improve the overall customer experience.


Our specialists helped New Era design and launch a responsive omnichannel website. We used the SAP Commerce Cloud as an enterprise solution to boost retail sales and create B2C experiences that featured zero downtimes.

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Rewards for Your Project with Custom Retail App Development Services from EPAM Startups & SMBs


Easy to use platforms

Our talented specialists focus extensively on the user experience when building a product. Every feature we add, whether it is a search bar or push notifications, will perform a specific function for the user. We’ll help you build an easy-to-use retail app platform that will boost engagement across all channels.


Increase revenue

With the help of our user-friendly products, you can generate more buzz and traffic for your young business. And as a result, you will gain more return on investment.


Custom development

Our custom retail mobile app developers understand the value of being different in a saturated space. You will be involved at every step of the product or web development process to ensure that everything meets your expectations.


A diverse team of experts

We have over 25 years of experience building retail solutions for our clients. Our talent pool is composed of expert developers, UI design specialists, QA personnel, and consultants who have delivered development solutions to industry leaders.


Timely delivery

When we take on orders to build a product, we’re committing to presenting the final version within the specified deadline. You’ll never worry about on-time, on-demand delivery with us because we value client satisfaction.


Affordable pricing

Our custom retail app development is affordable since we also work with startups and young companies. We can help you build a native app with multiple payment options for a pocket-friendly fee. Reach out to our consultants for a detailed estimate.


Complete privacy

When you work with us, your identity will remain a secret unless you state otherwise. We will protect your full name, phone number, and other personal details from third parties.


Continuous collaboration

The retail mobile app development services we provide often go beyond testing and deployment. We can develop a long-term plan to help you optimize, rebrand, and update your existing platform for a better shopping experience.

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