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Java in Mobile Application Development: Reasons and Benefits of Using

written byEPAM Startups & SMBs

The Editorial Team of EPAM Startups & SMBs is an international collective of tech consultants, engineering managers and communications professionals who create, review and share their insights on business technology and project success tips.

The Editorial Team of EPAM Startups & SMBs is an international collective of tech consultants, engineering managers and communications professionals who create, review and share their insights on business technology and project success tips.

Java application development has been on the rise for a long time as this versatile and powerful language allows developers to build secure, robust, and feature-rich mobile products. Java is an advanced and highly sought-after technology with significant benefits over other languages and environments.

It has been on the market for more than 25 years and, during this time, has gained a lot of trust among developers and users. According to statistics, Java in mobile application development is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages among developers worldwide. As of 2022 — 33% of specialists choose this technology for their projects.

Most used programming languages among developers worldwide in 2022
Source: Statista

Let’s find out what is special about this programming language, the reasons for using it, and what benefits the owners of apps written in it get.

7 Reasons to Use Java for Application Development

Mobile application development using Java is beneficial in many ways, and this technology is one of the most popular among mobile developers around the world.

So, what problems and challenges still make you choose Java for mobile app development and not Flutter, Kotlin, or something else?

Raising Requirements for Apps’ Security

Developing robust and secure applications is the number one priority for any business. In the case of Java, you can be sure that it is completely protected. The fact is that this language, in principle, was created with an emphasis on security. Its compiler, runtime, and interpreter are designed to eliminate the possibility of hacks and other potential security risks. Java specialists use features such as error detection, encryption, authentication, code management, and others to accomplish this.

More importantly, the application code that developers create is executed using the JVM (Java Virtual Machine). This way of interpreting the code not only provides the possibility of cross-platform but also ensures a high level of security — if someone tries to infiltrate the system, its work will be immediately terminated. So, thanks to Java, all data is always completely safe, which is a crucial criterion for business peace of mind and user confidence.

Cutting Budget and Reducing Development Investment

ROI is the first and foremost thing any business strives for when developing a mobile application. The adoption of Java-based products shows high cost-effectiveness and allows the building of high-performance applications with relatively low investment.

In addition, the fact that Java is one of the most widely used programming languages with a vast user base means that there are developers who provide high-quality Java services at affordable prices. All this gives your business better hiring options, lower recruitment costs, and more effective results for your end product.

Creating High-Level Applications

One way or another, businesses today prefer mobile applications that can serve thousands of users. Therefore, they use programming languages that allow them to create such products. Enterprises that are scalable and have high requirements always prefer to use Java. This is the best solution for building high-level products and providing multi-threading. It allows easy multitasking and offers advanced exception-handling opportunities.

Compared to other programming languages, Java seems to be the most suitable for developing a first-class app for mobile devices. It has many built-in features that affect product performance and ensure optimal resource use. Java can accommodate and handle numerous users simultaneously without negatively affecting the speed of the product. This is a crucial feature for smaller companies that may find their resources expanding after they launch — it is essential for them to adapt to different levels of users at any time.

Saving Resources with Cross-Platform Development

Multi-platform development within creating a mobile phone app offers many advantages compared to the native approach: a single code base for all platforms, easier and faster deployment, reduced development time and cost, coverage of a wider audience of users, the acceptability of the same user interface and UX, and others.

Mobile development in Java is hugely popular because this language is suitable for cross-platform development. The idea behind it is “write once, run anywhere.” It is enough to create the application code once, and then it can be run on Windows, Android, iOS, and other operating systems. This approach allows you to save significantly on developing separate applications for each platform, making Java an extremely profitable programming language.

Achieving a High Level of Scalability and Versatility

The possibility of growth is one of the key factors for modern business, and that is why flexibility in mobile app development is a must. The fact is that starting with MVP, no one wants to stop there. Vast opportunities and prospects encourage modern companies to use them and expand their digital products' capabilities. Java makes it possible to scale your product by adding new functionality and carefully distributing the load. And this, in turn, gives unlimited business opportunities for growth.

Businesses also value Java for its numerous portable features. It is platform-independent, so it is suitable for various platforms without significant changes. It’s also an excellent option for small enterprises looking to grow as projects scale and can migrate to multiple environments, such as the cloud.

In addition, Java covers the need to create various products. This is a general-purpose language, so it works for different solutions. From GUI desktop apps and server-side web development to Android apps and games — Java can be applied to a wide variety of products. For enterprises and startups looking to break into the software market, this allows collaborating with one Java development company to implement multiple products without having to look for other talents.

Implementing Advanced Testing Features

Java has powerful and progressive testing features. Error-free products are vital for any business, but even more critical for a startup or small company. The slightest failure can completely knock down the entire work. This programming language provides the most accurate testing so that Java developers catch bugs and gaps early, and it generally takes the user experience to the next level. Many development tools provide an advanced Java testing process by running a huge range of tests (unit, requirement, integration, functional, and others).

Keeping Up with the Latest Trends

If a programming language is not updated, it becomes obsolete and will no longer be able to implement the features that users need. Constant updates contribute by expanding the range of compatible tools, simplifying work, improving code, creating new libraries, and expanding the programming language's capabilities.

Java is constantly being improved. While it is one of the most mature app development technologies, it is frequently updated with new options and solutions to offer a better experience for both coders and users. This is crucial for businesses of all sizes that strive to stay up-to-date with the most innovative tools and features.


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Benefits of Java for App Development Comparing to Emergent Technologies

According to statistics, the mobile applications market continues to grow every year, which leads to the emergence of new languages and methods of creating apps.

Number of mobile app downloads worldwide from 2016 to 2021

However, many developers prefer to stick to time-proven solutions. So, let’s look at the main features and advantages that make Java an all-time favorite and why you should use it for successful mobile development.

High Efficiency Due to Object-Oriented Programming

A key advantage of Java application development lies in object-oriented programming concepts that are extensible, scalable, and adaptable. This language comes with a wide library of design patterns and other advanced technologies. Java also provides powerful interaction with native elements and speeds up development. It adapts well to the growth of smartphone applications, which allows developers to build modular projects and reusable codes and use the source code to change the app according to requirements.

So, Java programming allows the creation of different software types, including the ones with complex functionality, but at the same time, it is easy to maintain. The object-oriented nature ensures good structure and organization of the code<wbr><wbr>, making it possible to use the same classes several times and conduct parallel development.

Reduced Costs and Increased Speed Due to Open-Source Nature

As an open-source programming language, Java has several advantages. First and foremost, thanks to the huge pool of talents available, affordable rates, and high speed of features delivering on this tech stack, it reduces the budget of the application development process. Thus, we can talk about Java's cost-saving, cost-effectiveness, and high profitability. Other benefits of open source include high availability and advanced maintenance.

In addition, Java has an easy-to-read syntax that simplifies and speeds up the development of mobile applications. Java is a high-level programming language, which means that it is very similar to human language, and does not mimic machine code, as with low-level languages. This positively affects writing, reading, and maintaining within mobile application development.

Independence and Compatibility

Java is a programming language independent of all platforms and can be used on a wide variety of operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows, and more. This is one of the key benefits and reasons why using Java to develop Android apps is such a popular choice. Compared to other languages that don’t have platform independence features, it follows the “write once, run anywhere” principle. Such development flexibility is what makes this technology so widely appreciated.

Extended Development Possibilities

The availability of various libraries and frameworks makes it possible to build software products much faster and also provides more extensive development opportunities. These numerous supporting resources offer several functionality options for the application, as well as allow developers to cleanly and correctly implement it so that end-users get the most value and flawless experience.

Small businesses must update their products quickly. Outsourcing app development services can often mean accelerated time-to-market, and Java itself speeds up the development. Application Programming Interfaces take functionality to the next level, and code simplicity allows for faster coding.

Agility, Adaptability, and Performance

The versatility of Java is a valuable advantage — the programming language must be compatible with various development environments and be used on different platforms for different purposes. This diversity maximizes the possibilities of products written in this language.

Moreover, Java has advanced IDEs and a wide range of reliable tools, which greatly simplify and speed up the development, testing, and debugging of a future product.

Java is also notable for its high performance and reliability, which are undeniable advantages of this programming language. Moreover, despite the relatively high development cost, the return on investment of this language is relatively high, which makes it a profitable choice for businesses.

Widespread Popularity and Community Support

Considering the popularity and seniority of Java among programming languages, it is obvious that it has numerous supporters and a strong community. An advanced and mature community always means a wealth of resources and support. So, developers get access to an unlimited range of tools and guides. And for businesses, this provides borderless options when looking for a Java app development provider.

You can move your entire development team offshore and have a large selection of specialists to choose from, like app developers from India, prototype testers from Colombia, and more. In addition, when building your mobile application in Java, developers can collaborate, use public libraries, and get the most out of community support.


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Future of Java Mobile App Development: Will it be Still Relevant in the Next Years?

Java development is extremely popular now and will remain relevant in the near future. Today, Java is considered a mature programming language for developing mobile applications with a strong ecosystem. And the future of mobile app development will depend on key trends such as security features, scalability, a pool of talents at affordable prices, updates and community support, and integration with the latest emergent technologies.

Today and in the future, Java for app development is the best solution if:

  • you want to start with a minimum viable product for testing your hypotheses, and then you want to develop it to the level of a large multifunctional application — Java will allow you to scale your project;
  • your solution is quite extensive and complex, the functionality is large and requires the implementation of many elements — an abundance of frameworks and libraries provides unlimited possibilities;
  • your solution is non-standard, there are no similar examples on the market, and development companies do not have such cases in their expertise. A lot of opportunities and options, as well as the support of a huge community, will help solve any problem in the development process;
  • your project requires many resources to implement (both financial and temporary), and you want to be sure of its profitability. Statistics on the return on investment of Java software products confirm high financial benefits;
  • you need to create an application that will work correctly on several platforms without rewriting code. Java will save on re-development and get a high-quality cross-platform product;
  • the performance of your application’s functions requires certain data, both from the user’s side and your side, which must be protected from loss and forgery. The high security of Java allows you to be confident in the reliability of your mobile app.

In addition, native technologies are becoming more and more valuable, which means that Java will continue to find its way into mobile development, as it allows the building of native Android applications with amazing features.

While Java programming for app development has vast potential, this language will face serious competition from the Google ecosystem. Constant updates are vital for keeping Java at the forefront of mobile application development.

Experience of EPAM Startups & SMBs in Using Java in Mobile Application Development

In general, the decision about which language is appropriate depends on your future solution's purpose, complexity, scale, and functionality. However, you don’t have to worry that the choice is difficult. By entrusting the development of Java mobile applications to specialized companies, you get the experience and knowledge of experts who will help you make an informed and profitable decision.

At EPAM Startups & SMBs, we always select the right technology stack for our client's products, explain our choice, and guarantee that the chosen language will be the best solution for your project. Our developers have extensive experience implementing Java mobile development projects and know your business needs. Hire Java developers to create an ideal solution for your project that meets all your mobile development business requirements.

EPAM Startups & SMBs is your advanced and reliable Java development provider that has been implementing mobile development projects worldwide for several years. Our team provides top-notch services for clients, and our valuable expertise and successfully released projects evidence this. Get access to the most talented developers, convenient workflow, flexible collaboration, and cutting-edge solutions.


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Java is a popular, mature, advanced, and proven programming language with numerous advantages, and it can solve the most complex and diverse problems. By choosing it to develop your application, you get huge benefits, including high efficiency because of the object-oriented principles, reduced budget, and increased speed due to its open-source nature, independence and compatibility, extended development possibilities, agility, adaptability, and strong performance.

Among key reasons developers choose Java over other technologies are raising requirements for apps’ security, reducing development investment, creating high-level apps, saving resources with cross-platform development, achieving a high level of scalability and versatility, implementing advanced testing features, and keeping up with the latest trends.

All this is extremely important for a successful project and makes Java a leader among application development languages. Trust EPAM Startups & SMBs to develop an Android app with Java to take advantage of all these benefits.


written byEPAM Startups & SMBs

The Editorial Team of EPAM Startups & SMBs is an international collective of tech consultants, engineering managers and communications professionals who create, review and share their insights on business technology and project success tips.

The Editorial Team of EPAM Startups & SMBs is an international collective of tech consultants, engineering managers and communications professionals who create, review and share their insights on business technology and project success tips.

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