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Editorial Policy

Our primary objectives are to promote constructive discussions about business technology trends, stimulate insights on adopting digital transformation solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, assist startups with their moving forward in maturing their products, and provide expert advice on collaborating with software engineering vendors. To achieve these objectives, we publish professional articles, guides, and features that align with our business proposition and resonate with our target audience. This editorial policy is created to provide clear parameters and guidelines for the creation and submission of such content.

1. Content relevance

Editors and content contributors at EPAM Startups & SMBs strive to ensure our content aligns with our key subject areas outlined above and provides relevant insight and advice to our readers.

2. Accuracy

The content must be factually accurate, clear, and unbiased, and we make every effort to correct any errors that may occur. All statements and claims are required to be backed by reliable sources. Unsubstantiated or misleading information will not be published.

3. Expertise and professionalism

To maintain our reputation as credible and professional consultants, all published content should reflect a high level of expertise. We expect our contributors to be knowledgeable about their topics and to impart valuable insights backed by professional experiences and applicable examples.

4. Originality and exclusivity

All contributions are original and exclusive to us. We do not accept content that has been previously published elsewhere or that is planned to be distributed to other platforms. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.

5. Transparency and disclosure

Any conflict of interest, potential or actual, should be openly disclosed to maintain transparency with our readers. If content involves discussing a partner or client organization, full disclosure must be made, ensuring our readers are always fully informed.

6. Editing and approval

All content is subject to review and editing by our Editorial Team to ensure quality, clarity, relevance, and compliance with this policy.

7. Compliance

All content must comply with applicable laws, including copyright, defamation, and data protection laws.

With this editorial policy, we hope to ensure our content upholds the highest standards of quality and integrity, reflects our company’s values and objectives, and continues to provide valuable insights for our readers.