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our software performance testing services

When it comes to performance testing, we excel in delivering top-notch solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. Our approach is rooted in precision and expertise, ensuring your software performs optimally.

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    performance testing
    Our performance testing service is designed to identify bottlenecks and vulnerabilities in your software, allowing you to rectify issues before they impact your users. With our meticulous testing processes, we evaluate your application's performance under real-world conditions, ensuring it can handle peak loads with ease.
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    load testing
    Our load testing services go beyond the ordinary, offering you a comprehensive assessment of your application's capacity and scalability. We simulate user traffic, analyzing how your software performs under heavy loads. This empowers you to make data-driven decisions to enhance your application's robustness.
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    custom testing solutions
    Our custom testing solutions are rooted in industry best practices and years of experience. We provide you with actionable insights and recommendations to optimize your application's performance. With our assistance, you can deliver a flawless user experience.
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    performance testing as a service
    Performance testing as a service simplifies the testing process for your organization. We handle all aspects of performance testing, from test planning to execution and reporting. This allows you to focus on your core competencies while we ensure your software meets performance standards.

why choose our load and performance testing company

expertise in load testing

We specialize in load testing services, and our team of QA experts is well-versed in evaluating your application's capacity limits. We meticulously simulate user traffic to uncover potential bottlenecks, ensuring your software is robust and reliable.

proven track record

Our performance testing company has a strong track record of delivering exceptional results. We have successfully assisted numerous clients in optimizing their software applications, helping them achieve peak performance.

comprehensive testing solutions

We offer a wide range of performance testing solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether you require load testing, stress testing, or scalability testing, we have the expertise and tools to ensure your software excels in all aspects.

explore services beyond load and performance testing

security testing
Our experts conduct thorough assessments, identifying and addressing security weaknesses.
prototype testing
We rigorously test your prototypes, identifying potential issues and areas for improvement.
custom software development
Streamline your development projects with our custom software development service.

how to get started with our performance testing services

share your project details

We begin by collecting the necessary information and details about your project. This way, our services will fully accommodate your requirements.

match with our professionals

You’ll get to meet our professionals with vetted expertise in your niche, who will lend their help to address your challenge or build a custom digital solution as necessary.

get started

Once you have the details and your chosen professionals or a whole team ready to start, launch your project confidently with our full support and supervision.

what our clients say

We at EPAM are happy to deliver excellent results and prove our expertise time and again with clients that range from small and medium to enterprise-size businesses.


We found working with EPAM has been a true partnership, where they’ve proven themselves to be a reliable, trustworthy and hardworking team that has really helped us push the boundary of customer-centric innovation.

Zac Carman Managing Director Products, Consumer Affairs

The trusted EPAM team has helped us push the boundaries of customer-centric innovation. With programs like Horizon 4, we need the ability of our development partners to stay on track. And EPAM stands for that.

Mark Giesbers Managing Director Products, Liberty Global

We chose EPAM to develop a native mobile extension of an existing enterprise application. They were able to quickly identify the needs of our project and collaborate with key individuals within our organization to not only deliver the application on-time, but make significant improvements to our existing core application.

Justin Catalana CEO, Fort Point Beer Company
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